BioLiner Soil Sampling LinerSoil sample liners are similar to bailers.  They are disposable plastic tubes used to collect a soil sample as opposed to a water sample.  The soil sampling liners are used in direct push type rigs to collect a soil profile.  As the sampling tool is driven into the ground the soil is extruded inside the liner.  Once the sample tool is retrieved the liner is withdrawn for examination of the sample.  The liners are then normally discarded having served their purpose.

ESP also recognize these have the same plastic disposal problem as do disposable bailers.  Therefore ESP has developed the BioLiner™, which as the name suggests, is a plastic liner for soil sampling that will biodegrade* in a few years when discarded into a landfill.

BioLiner™ Specifications

BioLiners™ are made of PVC with a small amount of an additive Ecopure™ to make them biodegradable*.

BioLiners Will Not Leach

Organic  Testing An extensive range of testing was performed on BioLiners to show they are very suitable for groundwater sampling.  The tests were performed by an independent laboratory.  The tests analysed for the presence of 100’s of potential contaminants to see if they leached out of the bailer material.  The list of compounds analysed for included;
EPA 8260B VOC volatiles and EPA 8270D VOC semi volatiles,
Phthalates  (included in the EPA 8270D scan)
PAHs (included in the EPS 8270D scan)
EPA 420.1 Phenols,
EPA 9020 Organic halides,
SM18 5310B TOC,
DRO (diesel range of organics, C10-C28),
GRO (gasoline range of organics, C6-C10)

Metals Testing

Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium Chromium – Total, Lead – Total, Manganese, Nickel – Total, Potassium, Tin, Mercury, Zinc

Other Parameters

Orthophosphate as P, Sulphate

All tests came back with detection levels below the MDL or PQL as expected.  This verifies  the addition of the landfill biodegrading agent has not altered the suitability of the ESP BioLiners for their intended purpose of providing high quality soil samples.

Ordering Information

Order Number Size Quantity per Case Case Weight Case Dimensions
BL-MC5 5’ Macrocore® liner Case of 66 41 lbs 21 x 10 x 58″
BL-MC4 4’ Macrocore® liner Case of 66 32 lbs 21 x 10 x 47″
BL-MC3 3 ft Macro-Core® liner Case of 66 26 lbs 21 x 10 x 38”
BL-MC1m 1 meter Macro-Core® liner Case of 66 27 lbs 21 x 10 x 40”
BL-D455 5 ft DT45 liner Case of 18 30 lbs 21 x 10 x 61”
BL-D325 5 ft DT325 liner Case of 45 43 lbs 21 x 10 x 61”
BL-D324 4 ft DT325 liner Case of 45 34 lbs 21 x 10 x 49”
BL-AMS4 4 ft 1.5” AMS style liner Case of 48 32 lbs 12 x 11 x 49”
BL-AMS5 5 ft 1.5” AMS style liner Case of 48 40 lbs 12 x 11 x 61”

BioLiner™ Bulk Purchase Discounts:

  • 1 – 9 boxes – Contact ESP for prices
  • 10 – 20** boxes – Less 5%
  • 21 + boxes – Less 10%
  • Discounts available for qualified distributors
  • ** 10 boxes is an even pallet load

Macro-Core® is a registered trademark of Kejr, Inc., Salina, KS

Switch to BioBailers™ and BioLiners™. Perform your environmental monitoring knowing you are no longer contributing to environmental damage with plastic trash that would last for many 100’s of years or more.

The following posters can be downloaded for presentations to your clients and co-workers.

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