Disposable BailerBioBailers are standard disposable bailers used for groundwater bore sampling but with the added benefit of being biodegradable* when discarded into a landfill.

As people who care for the environment, it makes little sense to use a single use plastic bailer to sample and monitor the quality of our environmental water, then throw the item away to remain in a land fill for 100’s of years or more.  Let’s not be solving one problem only to be creating another.

BioBailer™ Specifications

BioBailers™ are made of PVC  or HDPE with a small amount of an engineered additive Ecopure™ to make them biodegradable*.
PVC has higher specific density of 1.3 allowing these bailers to sink faster than HDPE bailers.  Therefore weighting of PVC bailers is not necessary in most applications.

BioBailers Will Not Leach

Organic  Testing An extensive range of testing was performed on BioBailers to show they are very suitable for groundwater sampling.  The tests were performed by an independent laboratory.  The tests analysed for the presence of 100’s of potential contaminants to determine if they leached out of the bailer material.  The list of compounds analysed for included;
EPA 8260B VOC volatiles and EPA 8270D VOC semi volatiles,
Phthalates  (included in the EPA 8270D scan)
PAHs (included in the EPS 8270D scan)
EPA 420.1 Phenols,
EPA 9020 Organic halides,
SM18 5310B
DRO (diesel range of organics, C10-C28),
GRO (gasoline range of organics, C6-C10)

Metals Testing

Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium Chromium – Total, Lead – Total, Manganese, Nickel – Total, Potassium, Tin, Mercury, Zinc

Other Parameters

Orthophosphate as P, Sulphate

All tests came back with detection levels below the MDL or PQL as expected.  This verifies  the addition of the landfill biodegrading agent has not altered the suitability of the ESP BioBailers for their intended purpose of providing high quality samples of groundwater.  Test results available on request.


Ordering Information

Clear PVC BioBailers™

Order Number Size Quantity per Case Case Weight Case Dimensions
BB-153 1.5” x 3’ Case of 24 10 lbs 10 x 6 x 38”
BB-154 1.5” x 4’ Case of 24 16 lbs 10 x 6 x 50”
BB-151 1.5” x 1’ Case of 48 12 lbs 14 x 14 x 14”

Hydrocarbon Only Collection BioBailer

BB-153H 1.5” x 3’ Case of 24 11 lbs 10 x 6 x 38”

HDPE BioBailers

BB-153PE 1.5”x 3’ Case of 24 10 lbs 10 x 6 x 38”
BB-153PW, weighted 1.5”x3’ Case of 24 14 lbs 10 x 6 x 38”
BB-151PE 1.5”x1’ Case of 48 12 lbs 14 x 14 x 14”
BB-151PW, weighted 1.5”x1’ Case of 48 20 lbs 14 x 14 x 14”

Coming Soon to the BioBailer™ range:

BB-703 0.75” x 3’ Case of 24 4 lbs 4 x 4 x 41”
BB-703W 0.75” x 3’ Case of 24 6 lbs 4 x 4 x 41”
BB-463 0.5” x 3’ Case of 24 3 lbs 4 x 4 x 41”
BB-333 3.3” x 3’ Case of 9 11 lbs 10 x 6 x 38″

Other custom sizes made per order. For example:

  • BB-157 1.5” x 7’ bailer, case of 9
  • BB-153W 1.5” x 3’ bailer weighted, case of 24
  • BB-706 0.75” x 6’ bailer, case of 24

BioBailer Bulk Purchase Discounts

  • 1 Box – Contact ESP for List price
  • 2 – 9     boxes – less 5%
  • 10 – 20 boxes – less 10%
  • 21 – 49 boxes – less 20%
  • 50 +      boxes – less 30%
  • Discounts available to qualified distributors

BioBailers have all the same characteristics you expect from ESP’s Clear-View bailers:

  • easy to use
  • quality of materials
  • cleanliness
  • VOC and SVOC testing to EPA 8260B and EPA 8270D
  • assurance of clear and accurate samples
  • clarity to see your sample

Plus BioBailers have these additional features:

  • will biodegrade away in a few years
  • will no longer add to the filling of our landfills
  • will no longer contribute to our overwhelming plastic trash problem
  • allows us to sample groundwater without making a further problem elsewhere

Other Features:

  • Each BioBailer™ comes with a biodegradable* free emptying device.
  • Each BioBailer™ comes sealed in a biodegradable* plastic bag.
  • BioBailers™ are supplied in cardboard boxes made from partially recycled material.

Biodegradable Groundwater Sampling BailerWhy Use a Biodegradable Bailer?

Does this picture look all too familiar?

In 2008 in the USA alone, 30 million tons of plastic trash were generated.  Of all the plastics being dumped only 7% is recycled, the rest goes into the landfill  (or ends up in the ocean) for future generations to deal with.  Did you know that every piece of plastic ever thrown into a landfill is still there? source

Ever since the late 80’s disposable bailers have been simply thrown away into a landfill.  This represents millions of disposable bailers lying in landfills all across the country.  BioBailers can now allow the environmental industry  to sample bores with the peace of mind that the plastic trash problem is no longer being contributed to with disposable bailers.  In the overall picture of the problems of plastic materials this is a small part, but using BioBailers will allow us, as environmental stewards to feel good about our work and what happens to these bailers once discarded.

Bailer Usage Tip for More Accurate VOC Sampling
Extract from
Richmond, California
Field Sampling Guidance Document #1220
Groundwater Well Sampling- 2004

The proper collection of a sample for volatile organics requires minimal disturbance of the sample to limit volatilization and therefore a loss of volatiles from the sample. Sample retrieval systems suitable for the valid collection of volatile organic samples are: positive displacement bladder pumps, gear driven submersible pumps, syringe samplers and bailers. Field conditions and other constraints will limit the choice of appropriate systems. The focus of concern must be to provide a valid sample for analysis, one which has been subjected to the least amount of turbulence possible.

BioBailers™ can be identified by their green tops and bottoms. So remember - If it is not green it is not Green!

The following posters can be downloaded for presentations to your clients and co-workers.

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